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Dr. Jennifer Potter joined the faculty at Towson University in 2008 as an assistant
professor after earning her Ph.D. from Howard University. She is an established scholar
in intercultural communication, publishing in nationally recognized journals including
Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Women & Language and Communication, Culture, & Critique. Her work examines public discourse and public memory of culturally significant events
in the United States.

Dr. Potter’s scholarship and teaching has strong connections to social justice, and
she has participated in the Intergroup Dialogue program as a facilitator and is trained
as an Inside-Out Prison Education instructor. She loves working with students in the
classroom with a discussion-based approach to teaching and learning, is passionate
about undergraduate research, and enjoys helping students individually during advising.
Dr. Potter has spent much of her academic life involved with speech and debate. She
was a policy debater in high school, competed in parliamentary debate and competitive
speech in college, and coached and directed speech and debate programs at four different
institutions, including Towson University. She remains committed to forensics and
actively supports Pi Kappa Delta, the national forensics honorary society.

She led a curriculum redesign for the communication studies major and minor, established
the major at the TU in Northeastern Maryland (TUNE) campus and spearheaded the establishment
of the Department of Communication Studies. In 2018, Dr. Potter was named the inaugural
department chair of the Department of Communication Studies. As chair, Dr. Potter
is committed to three primary priorities: diversity, inclusion, and equity in the
department; mentorship opportunities for students, faculty, and staff; and advancing
student-centered and innovative curricula, programming, and community-building activities
in the department.

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Selected Publications

Potter, J.E., & Berry-McCrea, E. (2020). Intergroup dialogue as praxis for engaging
the intercultural world. Discourse: The Journal of the SCASD, 6, 36-41.

Ohl, J.J., & Potter, J.E. (2019). Traumatic encounters with Frank Mechau’s Dangers of the MailCommunication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 16.

Potter, J.E. (2018). Needy mothers, coddled children: A qualitative content analysis
of public comments about extended breastfeeding. Women & Language, 41.

Potter, J.E. (2015). The whiteness of silence: A critical autoethnographic tale of
a strategic rhetoric. The Qualitative Report, 20(9), 1434-1447.

Potter, J.E. (2014). Brown-skinned outlaws: An ideographic analysis of illegal(s).
Communication, Culture, & Critique, 7(2), 1-18. doi: 10.1111/cccr.12045

Ohl, J.J., & Potter, J.E. (2013). United we lynch: Post-racism and the (re)membering
of racial violence in Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America. Southern Communication Journal, 78(3), 185-201. doi: 10.1080/1041794X.2012.749297

Potter, J.E. (2013). Adopting Commodities: A Burkean cluster analysis of adoption
rhetoric. Adoption Quarterly, 16(2), 108-127.

Potter, J.E. (2012). “With all due respect, Mr. President”: A rhetorical analysis
of Al Sharpton’s speech to the 2004 Democratic National Committee convention. Iowa Journal of Communication, 44(2), 142-158.

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