Java Links & Tutorials

Java Links & Tutorials

Java References

online resources:

  1. Java Homepage:
    The latest technical specs and
  2. Code
    Guide for
    proper style when programming in Java.
  3. Java Tutorials: Links to books and web pages about Java.
  4. Java SE 8 API: This document is the API specification for the Java™
    Platform, Standard Edition. Search the Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 8
    API Specification. Excellent reference (bookmark!)
  5. Java
    SE 8 Download
  6. JDK 8 Documentation
  7. (IBM)
    Java tutorials

Java books (free download)

  1. Bruce
    Eckel, Thinking in Java (3rd
    Edition) – A good reference book, available FREE on-line (download)
  2. Bruce
    Eckel, Thinking in Java 
    4th Edition) – The first 7 chapters of the 4th
    edition are available FREE on-line (download) Considered by many
    to be the best Java reference book.
  3. Robert
    Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne. Introduction to Programming in Java: An
    Interdisciplinary Approach
    – A good reference book, FREE download
  4. Allen
    B. Downey, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Java Version
    FREE download
  5. David
    J. Eck, Introduction to Programming Using Java (5th
    Edition) – This book is directed mainly towards beginning programmers.
    FREE download
  6. Lynn
    Andrea Stein, Introduction to Interactive Programming – link

DrJava and Eclipse online resources:

DrJava is an instructional
environment for writing Java Programs. Developed at Rice University, Dr. Java
features an interpreter that can be used to interactively execute lines of Java

  1. DrJava Homepage
  2. DrJava
  3. A Quick Start Guide to DrJava
  4. Eclipse IDE for Java Developers


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