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James Anthony has taught Music History and Literature at Towson University since 1971.
He holds degrees from the University of Arkansas and the University of Michigan. He
has published in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and has served as a consultant on music textbooks by Jeremy Yudkin and K. Marie Stolba.
He has lectured for the Baltimore Opera, the Baltimore Symphony, Handel Choir of Baltimore,
and Pro Musica Rara. He has taught more than 21 different courses in the Music Department.
Trained as an organist, he performs regularly at Towson University, Connecticut, and
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Glyndon, where is he organist/choirmaster. He is on the
board of the Maryland State Boychoir and Pro Musica Rara. Anthony’s primary interests
are music before 1750 and the history of opera.

View more information: https://www.towson.edu/cofac/departments/music/facultystaff/janthony.html

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