International Baccalaureate

Towson University recognizes that the International Baccalaureate (IB) program represents achievement beyond the standard American high school program and regularly awards advanced standing to students who successfully complete IB course work. TU requires a score of 4 or higher to award credit for Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) courses. A score of 5 or above is required to award credit for the physics HL exam. At least 6 and as many as 8 units will be awarded for each higher level exam completed with a score of 4 or above.  

Students will not receive credit for both SL and HL courses in the same discipline. In the case where both have been taken, credit will be awarded according to the Higher Level IB course equivalency chart provided the student earned a score of 4 or higher.

Diploma Holders

Students who earn an IB Diploma will be awarded 30 units toward the bachelor’s degree and receive sophomore standing. Some of these units may be applied toward TU’s Core Curriculum requirements; each student’s IB units will be individually evaluated for Core Curriculum applicability.

Certificate Holders

Students who earn an IB Certificate will be eligible to receive units based on the results of their HL and SL courses. 

Higher Level IB Course Equivalency

Standard Level IB Course Equivalency

IB Course Equivalency Core Curriculum Units
Biology BIOL 120 Core 7 3
BIOL 120L 1
Business and Management USEL Elective 3
Chemistry CHEM 131 / CHEM 131L Core 7 4
Classical Greek GRK 103 Core 5 3
Computer Science COSC 175 4
Dance DANC 235 Core 4 3
Design Technology IDNM Elective Core 8 3
Economics ECON Elective 3
Environmental Systems and Societies PHSC 10T 3
Film USEL Elective 3
Further mathematics MATH Elective Core 3 4
Geography GEOG 109 Core 12 3
History HIST11D Core 12 3
Information Technology in a Global Society COSC 111 Core 4 3
Language A: language and literature HUMA20T Core 5 3
Language A: literature ENGL 240 Core 5 3
Language ab initio FORL 101 Core 5 3
Language B FORL 101 Core 5 3
Latin LATN 201 Core 5 3
Literature and Performance IDFA Core 4 3
Mathematical Studies MATH 111 Core 3 3
Mathematics SL MATH 119 Core 3 4
Music HUMA 20T Core 5 3
Philosophy PHIL 101 Core 5 3
Physics PHYS 211 Core 7 4
Psychology PSYC 101 Core 6 3
Social Anthropology ANTH 207 Core 12 3
Sports Exercise and Health Science KNES Elective 3
Theatre IDFA 10T Core 5 3
Visual Arts ART 103 Core 4 3
World Religions RLST 105 Core 12 3

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