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Support for TU Students with Autism

The College Autism Peer Support (CAPS) program is designed for Towson University students
with autism who would like support to help them achieve success.  What does CAPS offer?

Weekly group sessions and individual peer mentoring

Mutual support and professional guidance in areas such as: Utilizing personal strengths,
transitioning, navigating campus, social engagement, life skills, vocational skills
and more

CAPS information

If you’re new to the CAPS program interested in participating in CAPS this semester please see the Program Forms Section of the webpage for CAPS Documentation that must be submitted by August 17th,

All students who have participated in CAPS in previous semesters, please see the Program Forms Section of the webpage for CAPS Documentation and payments that must be submitted
by to August 20, 2021

Question Answer

What is CAPS?

CAPS is a peer mentoring program for autistic students at Towson University and their
university peers to engage with one another in both group gatherings and 1:1 mentoring
opportunities on campus and in the community.

Through this blend of weekly group meetings and individual peer mentoring, a wide
range of issues and challenges can be addressed, including but not limited to utilizing
personal strengths, navigating campus, balancing academic and other responsibilities,
understanding and engaging in social aspects of campus life, advocating effectively
and planning post-college life.

When does CAPS meet?

CAPS Group meetings take place at the Hussman Center on Wednesday evenings. CAPS students
and their peer mentors meet in a large group to provide one another with mutual support
and to facilitate a strong sense of community. 1:1 Mentor/Mentee conversations occur
during the week at a mutually agreed upon time and location around campus.

How do I sign up and pay for CAPS?

Those interested in CAPS should follow the process below:

Inquire about participating in CAPS with our coordinator, Jen Beard at jbeard AT_TOWSON

Complete required CAPS forms

Contact JBeard AT_TOWSON to set up a video or in-person conversation.

Receive confirmation email from Hussman Center Business Office

Make full payment or start a Payment Plan with the Business Office by calling 410-704-7300. Program
cost information can be found here.

How do I get CAPS email announcements?

If you don’t already receive emails about CAPS and general Hussman Center information,
please email us at hcaa AT_TOWSON and request to be added to the distribution list.

Who do I contact if I have questions about CAPS?

Please contact hcaa AT_TOWSON

Towson University Student Involvement

Service Learning:  More than 200 Towson University students a year are involved in
service-learning experiences in programs and Social Groups at the Hussman Center for
Adults with Autism. TU students learn to interact with adults with autism as peers
and members of the community.  Many students decide to go on to careers working in
the field of autism.  Throughout their experiences in the programming, they think
about and report ways that they can support more inclusive communities and help advocate
for more accepting workplaces.

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Fieldwork Experiences:  Students in professional preparation programs learn best practices
for working with adults on the spectrum. TU programs that are currently involved include
Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science, Speech-Language Pathology, Nursing
and Family Studies.  

For Students interested in participating in programs at the Hussman Center, please
consider enrolling in IDHP 300, a course which meets service-learning requirements
for Towson University and provides an opportunity for weekly interaction with neurodiverse

For more information about Towson University classes associated with the Hussman Center
for Adults with Autism, please contact the Hussman Center at hcaa AT_TOWSON.

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