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Nobody can communicate better without working hard to improve vocabulary. Improving one’s vocabulary has several benefits. For example, it improves self-confidence and self-esteem. It also enables the addition of sophistication to one’s spoken or written language. The following are some of the steps you can take to work on and improve your vocabulary.

Read More, Read Deeply
Reading has never killed anyone. Invest in several novels and read them to increase and enhance your vocabulary. It’s not only the simplest but also the best way to increase vocabulary. Read anything that you can find – including newspapers, magazines, and all types of literary works. Expose your brain to more words. Look up the meaning of new words from the dictionary. Try deciphering meaning from the context in which they are applied.

Use Dictionaries and Thesaurus
Another excellent way you can improve vocabulary is by keeping a dictionary nearby. A Thesaurus would also help massively. Feel free to use either an online, software based or printed dictionary or Thesaurus. Develop a habit of uncovering the meaning of new words by looking them up in the dictionary or Thesaurus. Doing so will help you to not only learn the meaning but also the pronunciation of each new word you learn.

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Learn a New Word Every Day
Learning a new word every day is a good habit. Take time to develop your own list or schedule of daily words you wish to learn. There are several websites and calendars that you can use for this purpose. As long as you remain disciplined, you will soon begin reaping the benefits. If this method feels too rigid, feel free to complement it with other methods.

Study Word Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes
You will greatly succeed in improving your vocabulary by checking the roots of each new word you learn. Most English words have Greek and Latin roots. Learn these roots. Learning the roots enables you to decipher their meanings. The prefixes, suffixes, and roots are worth every minute you spend learning them. When a new word appears impossible to comprehend, trace it back to its roots.

Play Word Games
To many people, the best way to increase vocabulary involves playing word games. Play the sort of games that challenge your brain. The world is full of tools you can use for this purpose. You will never run short of games that you can play offline or online to improve vocabulary. Numerous websites are rife with games worth playing too. Some of the most commonly played word games include:

  1. Scrabble
  2. Word Jumble
  3. Anagrams
  4. Crossword Puzzles
  5. Boggle
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There you go:  If you would like to improve your vocabulary, follow the above steps and you will see an enhancement in your  vocabulary  within a short time!

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