How to Turn a Process Into an Infographic Poster [Infographic]

How to Turn a Process Into an Infographic Poster [Infographic]

Are you afraid to mess up at work? I know I am.

Whether you’re new to your job or you’ve bene there a while, there are always opportunities to make mistakes. That’s why having a helpful reminder handy is important.

Every workplace has processes that need to be followed. Creating an infographic process poster to pin up in your workplace can help keep employees on track. A process infographic acts as a quick reference sheet that summarizes the steps in a process. You don’t have to be a designer to make an infographic process poster, you just need to follow some basic principles of design.

Infographics are not text-heavy and, instead, rely on visuals like charts and icons to convey information. You will need to be selective about what information to include and what information to leave out. Include only the essential steps and, when you can, include diagrams and images to make the steps clearer. If there is more that readers should know about the process, clearly state where they can go to find more information.

Unless you have some design experience, it may be difficult to know where to start with your poster design. That’s where pre-made infographic templates can come in handy. And make sure you have someone proofread your poster before you distribute it!

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This process infographic summarizes the steps you need to take to make your own process infographic poster:


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