How to recreate accidental exposures

double exposure

Accidental Exposures

Back in the ‘old days’ cameras used to have accidents that caused multiple exposures creating photos which we could now consider to be artistic. Nowadays, it’s difficult to reproduce this type of photo without using photo editing software. Digital cameras do not expose the same piece of film twice, it saves a new file each time making it hard to create deliberate or accidental exposures.


Now, more and more people have a phone with a camera with apps that opens the door to a whole variety of tricks and tips. This is where an iPhone app like Fusioncam comes in, because it saves you time in creating multiple exposed photos.

Look and Feel

It’s designed to look like an old Toy Camera from the past, including the plasticky look and feel.With 3 switches that allow you to choose different effects, each effect producing a different feel from sepia-like to a 1930’s style black and white photo.

Taking a photo is as easy as pressing the big blue button. Where the app makes multi exposure easy is with the switch on the right. It overlays the last photo taken and displays it in the viewfinder. This makes it easy to measure up photos to create interesting, exciting photos. Press the blue button again and it creates a new photo. The second switch is for the flash

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Once the double exposed photo is created, you can expose it again and again to make a multilayered artistic (or scary) photo. Pressing the Gallery switch at the bottom is like opening up the back of an old camera to reveal the film roll, from here you can scroll through saved photos, delete , save and share the photos.

Special Promotion

Currently, it is 50% off its regular price and is selling at $0.99 for a day before going up to its regular price of $1.99.

Check out some of the photos created using this app.

You can download it from the Appstore. Hope you like it.




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