How to Create Fantasy Character Makeup

How to Create Fantasy Character Makeup

Fantasy characters from myth and legend easily lend themselves to theme parties and events where theatrical makeup and costume is required. There are plenty of fantastical characters to choose from, and each provides the opportunity to create an elaborate look that will certainly wow family and friends!


Fantasy characters such as mermaids, fairies and vampires have made appearances in stories and legends for thousands of years. Some are famous, such as Dracula and Hans Christian Anderson’s little mermaid, while others simply serve as background characters in a myth or fable. Whether you decide to re-create the look of a specific character or want to go with a more general look, there’s plenty of makeup options available to you. Create looks for Halloween parties, theme events, theatrical productions, photo shoots or any other time that calls for fantasy makeup.

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial (Main Task Group) Fantasy Character Makeup Tutorials

Follow these tutorials exactly or make up your own variations. What’s great about this kind of makeup is that it’s based in the fantastical, allowing you to get as creative as you’d like! Have fun!

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