How To Be More Action-Oriented: Obstacles And Tips

Action speaks louder than words.

This is a very common expression that explains a very crucial concept that is associated with our life. There are times when words are not sufficient to complete a job in hand.

Words compose planning. Planning on doing something and taking elaborate measures to complete the task consume a lot of time. In certain instances, you may not have enough time to make plans. It is in those times when you should put aside your planning and start acting out.

Express yourself through actions and not by mere words.

For example, you want to bring changes in your community. You open a page in social media and successfully gather your neighbors to sign up or agree to your plans. Then what?

Everyone gets busy with their hectic lives, including you, and the page remains as it is, with certain pieces of advice and no action taking place, and therefore, no changes.

What Makes People Less Action-Oriented?

Here are some reasons why people become less action-oriented:

1. Lack of Motivation

Once you lose your motivation in doing a certain task, you won’t feel the urge to transform it into action.

It happens to people who get easily overexcited about one thing and go for a prolonged plan. By the time the plan is completed, they lose every motivation to carry out the plan because they are distracted by doing too much planning.

2. No Self-Confidence

To be action-oriented, you need self-confidence. You have to believe in yourself.

If an ordinary person can climb up the ladder to success, then I believe every one of us can, too. To climb the ladder, you must be actively involved and willing to take risks.

3. Being a Perfectionist

There is no harm in being a stickler for impeccability, but insisting too much on perfection can lead to waste opportunities in life. Fast feedback loops from your mistakes are more realistic than aiming for perfect performance in one action.

People learn from mistakes. If you can learn from the worst times of your life, you’ll be ready to go into the best times of your life.

4, Confused About Your Goal

Getting distracted is fairly easy. At one point in time, I wanted to be a doctor. I prepared myself for that too. But it didn’t work out for me. I didn’t put my 100 percent on it because I just didn’t feel right about it.

Sometime later in life, I realized that my goal is to write. Ever since then, I got stuck to it, I worked hard, and I never looked back.

5. Getting Used to Procrastination

Many of us have the habit of leaving work for the last moment, thinking “It won’t take much time”. But in reality, you are frantic because you have so much to do in so little time.

The end result? Not satisfactory at all!

There is no procrastination in action-oriented chores. There’s no need to pressure yourself more when you have ample time.

6. Analysis Paralysis

You want to do something, but there is a lot of confusion racing through your brain: What to do first? Is it the correct path? What if it backfires? How to deal with the consequences?

The prime way to overcome analysis paralysis is to differentiate a bigger problem from a smaller one. Prioritize your problems, and act accordingly.

I am not saying that planning is not important. Planning is very important if you want to carry out your action. Without planning, you won’t know the ‘4 W’s and the H’ – What, Where, When, Why, and How.

What I am saying is that too much planning will kill your choice for action. There should be a striking balance between planning and acting out. It is because what we think and plan sets the ‘motion’, and it only becomes an ‘action’ once we put it into practice.

‘Motion’ vs ‘Action’

Motion doesn’t necessarily mean action. Motion sets the platform of the task which produces no results on its own. However, action is what will produce an outcome.

For example, you want to know a certain recipe for a food that you have enjoyed at a friend’s house. Searching on the internet, getting hold of it, and saving it for the future, that’s a motion.

But if you actually buy the ingredients and cook the food, that is an action. To be successful, set your motion to action because that is how you will reach your desired goal.

Here are 6 tips for you to be more action-oriented in life:

1. Set a Limited Timeline for Planning Before Acting Out

Naturally, you can’t be action-oriented if you don’t know what to do. For this, planning is important.

Time management is also valuable. Therefore, set a limited timeline for planning. Jot down the important things you want to remind yourself before acting so that at least you know where you are going.

Don’t over plan or overthink. It should be more of brainstorming for you.

2. Failure Shouldn’t Dishearten You

Failure is part of life. If you don’t fail, you can never taste success. You may break down many times when failure runs over you, but never give up on yourself. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Instead of stopping a child from climbing a tree, encourage them to do it. If they fall, they’ll be more careful next time and will continue to be so until they are successful. Be that child.

3. Discipline Yourself

A person who leads a disciplined life is more action-oriented than those who laze around. Being lethargic to work is a deadly weapon. You are not only killing valuable time, but you are also wasting opportunities that may come your way if you maintain discipline.

Set tasks for yourself and complete them accordingly. Organize your works.

4. Reward Yourself

If you successfully complete an assigned project on time, reward yourself. Be it a treat or some shopping, encourage yourself that if you cut down on procrastinating and work harder, you will be rewarded. But if you complete a task at the eleventh hour, refrain from celebrating. This will transmit a message to your brain to be more action-oriented.

5. Being Curious and Impatient

If you want to be action-oriented, you have to be a curious cat. Also, being impatient is just fine. If you are curious and impatient to know the outcome, they will push you to be more active. For this, you need to sharpen your curiosity and urgency.

6. Picture Yourself to Be the Person You Want to Be

Start from the beginning. When you set your goal, picture yourself there. If you want to start a business, visualize yourself as the chief, and slowly work it up there.

If you want to be a successful musician, start from scratch, aiming for the ultimate prize that awaits you. Picturing yourself to be the person you want to be will pave the path for you to be an action-oriented individual.

Final Thoughts

Every one of us can come up with our own goals and dreams but only a few have the drive to act towards these goals and dreams. If you want to achieve the things you want to achieve, then you have to be action-oriented.

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