How to Backup and Download Instagram Photos

If you use Instagram, you may want to backup or download your instagram photos. There’s a bit of a furore currently ongoing with instagram. Yesterday, they updated their terms of use and it appears as if they will be able to have the rights to sell any photos uploaded to instagram without your permission and without the need to share any of the revenue earned from it. This has caused a bit of stink, and they have since apologized stating that they used confusing language and that they will update their updated terms of use.

What’s of practical use, irrelevant of whether you are angered, ambivalent or just don’t care about what’s happening with instagram’s policy update,  is the ability to download and backup your instagram photos. You never know when you just want to be able to grab those photos for other uses, whether you want to retouch them, or edit them on your computer for other purposes. so here’s a quick how to guide to show you how to download your instagram photos.

It’s a 2 step process. Connect your account, then select “download .zip file”. Future options will include transferring it to Facebook, Flickr or Rss

There are some advanced options where you can select which photos to download based on the last number of photos, photos taken between certain dates, or photos tagged with a specific hashtag.

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For those who have windows machines and don’t want to use a website to help you, there is InstagramDownloader. SImply, download the  rar file. Unzip it, and run the instagramdownloader exe file. Then follow the onscreen prompts to download all your files.

Copygram has a backup photos feature.

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 10.00.53 AM


Sign in ore create an account that links to your instagram account. Press the Back up photos option. Type in the email where you wish your photos to be sent.



To use Instarchive – Connect with instagram, then click “Download as a Zip FIle”.. As simple as that


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