How the World Sees You

Is it possible to be a better version of yourself and be successful without really having to change who you truly are?

To many of us, that can be impossible. But through the science of fascination, Sally Hogshead makes us believe it is possible and 100% doable.  Her book, How The World Sees You, stems from a decade of research spanning 250,000 participants from all social spheres.

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By her early 20s, Hogshead was one of the most sought-after advertising professionals in the US owing to her unmatched prowess in writing ads that charmed millions. But beyond the top-dollar ads and the hundreds of awards and brands she represented, Sally sought to empower many using her creativity, drive and general ability to make the insurmountable possible.

Today, Sally Hogshead is a regular in the mainstream media, including NBC’s Today Show as well as the New York Times and was freshly inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame owing to her professional brilliance.

Look here.

How many times do we focus so much on enhancing our abilities without assessing our immediate environment and where the demographics favor our personal growth and pursuit of success?

When you’re fascinated (she says it because she had applied it), you’re at your best, and that’s when you tend to hit your peak performance.

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A freshwater fish cannot survive in salt water with its freshwater survival tactics – that’s a fact.  If you’re a talented singer, you might waste your talent singing at the wrong places. Without being in the right environment, even your Oscar-worthy performance might end up in the trash bin.

You need some inspiration.

Through her remarkable achievements in such a competitive industry and at such a tender age, Sally and indeed her system usher in a juggernaut of insight into the secret to success. How The World Sees You isn’t just a regular book. It is a book filled with wisdom that befits everyone, the young and the old alike, the successful and those struggling for success alike.

Book Details

  • Author: Sally Hogshead
  • Publisher: HarperBusiness; Har/Psc edition (July 1, 2014)
  • Language: English

How long to read?

6 hours 20 minutes

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