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Any student that had completed a 2020-2021 housing application, contract and deposit
is eligible to 
apply for the 2021-2022 academic year regardless of housing status (active contract or

The housing application will be available from 9 a.m. on Tuesday, February 9, 2021
through 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 12, 2021. This process will just allow student to 
submit an application, we will send housing offers beginning the week of March 22, 2021 after we determine housing need. 

At this time, we do not have a confirmed capacity number for university housing for the fall but will be working using a small number of bedspaces and will offer housing to as many
students as possible. We 
will hold 40-45% of our housing stock for continuing students. 

Housing will be prioritized for homeless/foster youth, students with MHEC guaranteed access grants, and international students. We will then use the information provided on students housing applications to determine
need to fill the remaining on campus housing spaces for continuing students. 
 During the application process students will answer yes or no questions and provide
a narrative about their on-campus housing need. 

Once we send out a housing offer, students will have to sign their housing contract
and pay the $350 non-refundable housing deposit by the desi
gnated due date to secure housing for 2021-2022. 

NOTE:  West Village 1 and Tubman House are considered on-campus housing for purposes of eligibility. Any current student is eligible to contract with Capstone for West Village 1 and
Tubman regardless of credits. You can reach them at pacatubman@cocm.com or 410-704-7484. 

Millennium Hall is not considered on-campus housing for purposes of eligibility. Any
current student is eligible to contract with Capstone for Millennium Hall regardless
of credits. You can reach them at millenniumhall@cocm.com or 410-704-6455. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I cannot afford the $350 deposit?
  1. How do I apply to be in a Residential Learning Community as a role model or liaison?
  1. What if I want to live in Gender Inclusive Housing?
  1. Are current on-campus students who move off campus for Fall 2021 eligible to move
    back on-campus for Spring 2022?
  • If students apply for fall 2021 and are not offered housing due to space limitations, they
    will be eligible to move back on-campus for spring 2022 pending housing availability. However, if a student did not apply for housing for fall 2021, they will not be
    eligible to move back on-campus. Exceptions are made on a space available basis. Please
    contact Housing & Residence Life if you have questions about availability. 
  1. Aren’t students who currently live on-campus guaranteed housing?
  • New freshmen are guaranteed on-campus housing for four consecutive semesters.  All
    other students are offered housing on a space available basis. For more information,
    please see section 4 of the housing contract.  
  1. Will this same process be in place the following year (2022-2023)?
  • We will review our process at that time and adjust as necessary.  
  1. Am I eligible to live in West Village 1 or Tubman House and how do I apply?
  1. If I cannot return to live on-campus, how will this affect my financial aid?
  • Financial Aid eligibility does not change for a student who moves off campus, unless
    you are a recipient of the MHEC guaranteed access grant.  The only other exception
    is when a student moves back into their parent’s house.  Please call the Financial
    Aid Office if you have any questions at 410-704-4236. 
  1. What should I do if I indicated on my FAFSA for 2021-2022 that was I living on campus, but
    I am no longer eligible to live on campus?
  • FAFSA updates may be made until the beginning of the fall 2021 term. You are able
    to edit your FAFSA stating that you will be living off campus and re-sign for an updated
    submission. Beginning in March, Financial Aid will also have the Housing Verification
    Form available that you can submit to update your housing information for your aid
  1. What are the housing rates for 2021-2022?
  1. Do I need to have a meal plan if I live in university housing?
READ:  Center for Professional Practice | Towson University


Meal plan required 

Capstone Properties:  West Village 1, Tubman, Millennium AND university housing apartments:
Marshall, West Village 2, Towson Run


10 W. Burke (floor 6 and above) 


10 W. Burke (floors 2-5) 


Tower A, Tower B, Tower D, Newell, Richmond, Prettyman, Scarborough, Residence Tower,
Barton, and Douglass



  1. Where will I be able to live if I am eligible for on campus housing?
  • At this time final numbers for capacity are still being determined.  When capacity
    has been finalized, communication will be sent to all students.  What we know is,
    continuing students will be able to select from available apartment communities and
    new students will be assigned to any available housing option on-campus. 
  1. What if I have other questions?

View more information: https://www.towson.edu/studentlife/housing/campus/requesthousing/eligibility.html

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