Health Information Technology Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Information technology drives changes in the delivery of healthcare information that
can improve patient care. Organizations need highly qualified and educated professionals
to lead and direct health informatics initiatives.

The health information technology post-baccalaureate certificate (PBC) is designed
to offer students an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides knowledge and skills
in both health care and information technology. This program offers students specialized
instruction to foster intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, creativity and adaptability
to craft solutions that will address public and societal needs.

Advance Your Career

The program is intended for students who have a bachelor’s degree in a computing-related
field and who wish to master information technology skills widely needed in the health
care industry. The program may also interest you if:

  • You are a working professional in health care or public health and want to broaden
    your career choices.
  • You have a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than IT and want to prepare yourself for careers in
    this field.

Continue Your Education

When you’re ready to advance your education, you may seamlessly transfer your post-baccalaureate
certificate credits toward the complete master’s degree program in applied information

Online Instruction

The program is offered in a hybrid format, with online and in-person courses.

Certificate Requirements

  • AIT 600 Information Technology (3)
  • AIT 610 Systems Development Process (3)
  • HLTH 633 Health Care Systems (3) or HCMN 535 Health Information and Quality Management
  • AIT 645 Health Data Analytics or AIT 644 Healthcare Information Technology (3)
  • AIT 740 Case Studies in Healthcare Information Technology (3)

Note: Graduate students from the College of Health Professions enrolling for the HIT
PBC can replace AIT 600 with HLTH 652

Application deadlines and admission requirements for the certificate are the same as those for the applied information technology
master’s program.

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Academic Advantages

  • Build a strong foundation of technology-infused skills to help you stand out in this
    growing, in-demand field of healthcare.
  • Gain verifiable and relevant competencies through a career-focused curriculum.
  • Take advantage of a growing job market as roles in health information technology are
    projected to grow 15 percent by 2024 (29,000 jobs).

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