GTD + Tracks + Moleskine = a Hipskine

GTD + Tracks + Moleskine = a Hipskine

Minezamac has a very detailed tutorial on combining GTD methodology with Tracks and Moleskine. What Minezamac has suggested is to use Tracks to keep track of all of your tasks, and use moleskine planner to keep track of your appointments. You can then print out your tasks from Tracks’ TXT export and slip it into moleskine’s back pocket. Very portable and elegant:

… For me, GTD is not the first organization methodology I have attempted to use, and I hope to report that after a month I am an old pro and I fell wonderful about my method of doing it. Hipskine is the methodology I have implemented joining the Tactile feedback pleasures of a Molskine ( planner/journal ( and the efficient tracking of my next actions in a GTD fashion with Tracks a ruby on rails developed system. All in a device that requires no power, can accept a variety of Writing implements, (A big plus for me since I enjoy collecting pens and pencils way to much) and is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. You can carry it anywhere.

GTD + Tracks + Moleskine = a Hipskine – [Minezamac]

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