Greatest Tools #8: Bailing Wire

Number 8 on the greatest tools of all times list that most versatile of all binders, Bailing Wire. Here are a few of its most common uses.

  1. Key retriever. Combine a length of bailing wire with a sticky piece of chewing gum to retrieve the key that fell through the sewer grating.
  2. Chum Tie. Grind up your bait fish in a gallon milk jug with the top cut off and freeze it with a length of bailing wire sticking through it. Then hang it off the back of your boat.
  3. Wrench Holder. Sting all your box end wrenches together and hook the wire ends together.
  4. Socket holder. Use the same technique as above.
  5. Fish Stringer. Inside the gill out the mouth.
  6. Wire Fisher. Hook it on your coax cable and you can fish it through most any place.
  7. Marshmallow Rotisserie. Poke it on and find a fire.
  8. Music. Combine a length with an empty bucket and a broom handle.
  9. Fastener. It will hold nearly anything too hot for duct tape.
  10. Lid Saver. Attach your trash can lid to one side of the can and the wind won’t blow it away.

What are your uses for this indispensable tool?

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