Greatest Tools #5: Zip Ties

Greatest Tools #5: Zip Ties

Number 5 on the Greatest Tools of All Time List is the Plastic Zip Tie.

This magnificent invention can turn a quagmire of electronics cables into a beautiful braid of streaming efficiency.

Here are 10 of its greatest uses.

  • Auto wiring. With a few of these beauties you can quickly tame the most unruly of sound systems. On the other hand, you should subtract $200 for every zip strip you find on a used car you are planning to purchase.
  • Criminal Mischief. I notice the boys in blue have incorporated a large sturdy type for handcuffing the unruly.
  • Straight and narrow. Holding tall plants upright.
  • Tamper seal. Secure the D-rings on your luggage with a zip tie and you’ll know if they have been opened.
  • Key ring.
  • Lobster cuffs. Secure those big lobster pinchers with a zip tie.
  • Identification. Put a colored one on your Power Puff Girls lunch box so you can tell it from the other kids.
  • Hung ups. Slip them through a peg board to hang things on.
  • Tomato buddy. Attach tomato plants to the wire cage.
  • Emergency sneaker lace. In a pinch a zip tie will hold you shoe together if you break a lace.

What are your favorite uses.

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