Glenn Workman | Towson University


Glenn has been a performing musician for over 45 years, primarily as a keyboardist
and vocalist, but will basically make noise with any instrument that doesn’t have
a double reed or a bow. 

He founded Freq Sound Music Laboratory in 1985 which provides a variety of services
to the audio and music industry. As a composer he has written, recorded, and performed
music for television, commercials, and several independent films. His company offers
live remote multitrack services to clients who have included Carole King, The Capital
Bones, The Upper Crust, and The John Denver Tribute with the Columbia Orchestra. An
early adopter of MIDI technology, he has been a beta tester and consultant for many
companies at the forefront of computer music including MOTU, Kurzweil, Avid, Yamaha,
Kawai, and Oberheim among others. MIDI consulting and programming clients have included
the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, The Baltimore Symphony, and  the Broadway touring
companies of Beauty and the Beast and Kiss of the Spider Woman.

Glenn has managed two independent record companies, Broken Records and Aluminum Cat
Recordings. Recording extensively with many regional and local groups, he is featured
on over 50 albums to date and has been a guest soloist for the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra.
In 1991 Glenn created the Kurzweil Owner’s Group which supports members in 30 countries.
He has contributed to Electronic Musician Magazine as an author.

His live performance schedule is extremely busy with his own Steely Dan band Technicolor
Motor Home, and as keyboardist in the bands Crack The Sky and Sons of Pirates. He
can be seen playing in over 20 local bands when schedules permit.

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