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Get ready to take the educational journey of a lifetime! Join the hundreds of TU students who study abroad or away each year — for a summer,
Minimester, Spring Break, semester or full academic year. 

You will acquire cross-cultural skills, observe how your academic field is studied
and practiced elsewhere, and enhance your prospects in today’s dynamic work world.

How Do I Get Started?

Top Five Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I go? Programs are offered worldwide in more than 60 countries and throughout the United
    States. Find out more.
  2. When can I study abroad or away? Opportunities are available in the spring, fall, summer, Minimester, and academic
    year. Students interested in studying abroad or away for a semester or more must complete
    30 credits prior to departure while faculty-led programs are open to everyone! You
    may study abroad/away in your final year or semester at TU and there are options for
    both undergraduate and graduate students.
  3. What classes can I take? You may take courses toward your major, minor, core, or electives.
  4. How much does it cost? Costs vary depending on the program you choose and length of stay. Exchanges cost
    the same as tuition for a semester and/or year at Towson University (excluding travel).
  5. Can I use scholarships or financial aid to pay for study abroad? Yes! Check our Financial Aid and Scholarships section for more information.
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