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When you select a class to enroll in, the system checks your academic record to ensure
you have met the prerequisites for the course. It will determine whether you are currently
enrolled in or have completed the prerequisite course(s) with a grade of “C” or higher,
and whether you are a major or a pre-major.

If you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite, you are allowed to register on the
condition that you complete the prerequisite with a grade of “C” or higher. If you
do not pass the prerequisite course, you must drop the class requiring this prerequisite
and add the prerequisite. If you fail to do this, you will be disenrolled from the

If you receive a prerequisite error message but are certain that you meet all course
prerequisites, go to the department offering the course to request permission to enroll
in a specific section of that course.

  • Present a copy of your unofficial transcript. Highlight the grade for each prerequisite
    course(s), your total units and current major. (Your current major is printed above
    the current term on your transcript.)
  • If a transfer course was accepted to fulfill a prerequisite, also bring a copy of
    your Transfer Credit Report with the transfer course and grade highlighted and a photocopy
    of the “Petition for Acceptance of Transfer Credits for CBE Major/Minor” form.
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Department & location PHone
Accounting Accounting,
Stephens Hall,
Room 102
Business Systems and Process (e-Business),
Project Management and
Business Analysis
Business Analytics & Technology Management 
Stephens Hall,
Room 301
Economics Major,
Economics Track
Stephens Hall,
Room 103

Finance, Financial

Business Excellence courses

Stephens Hall,
Room 314
Legal Studies,
Stephens Hall,
Room 123
Human Resource Management,
Stephens Hall,
Room 116
Pre-Business Majors Student Academic
& Career Services, Stephens Hall, Room 302


Contact your adviser. To find out who your adviser is, go to Towson Online Services.
Once you are in Online Services, go to Self Service>Student Center. Your adviser’s
name and contact information is located on the right-hand side of the screen under
Advisor. If you don’t see an adviser assigned, contact CBE Student Academic and Career
Services at 410-704-3342 or cbeadvising AT_TOWSON or stop by Stephens Hall, room 301. 

Until you meet the admission requirements for the business administration major, you
are classified as a pre-business administration (PBUA) student.

The catalog year is listed on your transcript, your academic requirements found on
Towson Online Services and other academic records, such as the Evaluation of Transfer Credit Report.

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There are different programs for different catalog years. All graduation requirements
including the General Education/Core Curriculum and your major requirements must be
fulfilled according to the catalog assigned to you within 10 years. Following the
incorrect catalog year may result in taking the wrong courses.

Yes. You may elect to use the catalog that was in effect at the time of your initial
matriculation at your transfer institution provided you will complete your graduation
requirements within 10 years. To change, complete the Catalog Selection Petition form online and return to the CBE Student Academic and Career Services office, Stephens Hall,
room 301.

The courses required to complete your degree will depend on the catalog you select.
Your major requirements may change. Contact your faculty adviser or CBE Student Academic
and Career Services to evaluate your courses using the new catalog.

Yes, a few courses that count toward both the General Education/Core Curriculum and
the CBE courses are:

Course Gen Ed CAtegory TU Core Curriculum CAtegory
ECON 201/203 or 202/204 II.C.2 Social and Behavioral Science
Statistics course (ECON 205 or MATH 231/233) I.C Mathematics
MATH 211 or MATH 273 I.C Mathematics
BUSX 301   Advanced Writing Seminar
MNGT 482   Ethical Issues & Perspectives
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You may enroll in the major courses when you meet the admission requirements according
to your assigned catalog.

A grade of “C” or higher is required for a major course. If a C-/D+/D grade was earned
in a course transferred from another institution, repeating the course will result
in ”Duplication of Transfer Credit.” An additional 3 units will be required for graduation
(i.e., 123 minimum) to replace the duplication of the transfer course.

For a Bachelor of Science degree, you need:

  • The General Education/Core Curriculum requirements
  • A minimum of 120 earned unit hours
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • A grade equivalent of 2.0 or higher in all courses required for the major
  • At least 32 upper-level (300-400) units (includes transfer credits and TU units)
  • At least 30 units completed at TU

For a Bachelor of Arts degree, you need to complete all the requirements for Bachelor
of Science degree and complete a foreign language through the intermediate levels.

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