Free Online Book on Overcoming Procrastination

Free Online Book on Overcoming Procrastination

Wikibooks has a book on Procrastination. It is a quick small book which talks about what is procrastination, what are the consequences, what are the causes and characteristics. Most of the materials are in point forms so it is pretty easy to read. The largest chapter is about how to eliminate procrastination hence the book is called Overcoming Procrastination. Here is a snippet:

… One would think that the solution to procrastination (not doing it) is its exact opposite: doing it! That the cure is doing the very thing it is that is being avoided.

Well it is, and then some. Since procrastination is the cause of not doing (rather than merely the lack of action), simply doing that which is being procrastinated may not be psychologically possible while the mental obstacle or technical problem causing the procrastination is in place. Also, as explained above, procrastination can be a powerful psychological force in its own right. Therefore, the procrastinator needs to get over, go around, or somehow plow through these mental barriers in order to get on with it. This is dependent upon the very nature of procrastination itself…

In essence, procrastination is a form of incompetence. To cure it is to eliminate it. Since incompetence is the opposite or lack of competence, the only way to eliminate it is to replace it with competence…

Overcoming Procrastination – [Wikibooks via Ian’s Messy Desk]

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