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Get live corrections from Ginger as you type in Gmail, Facebook , Linkedin and more.

Get live corrections from Ginger as you type in Gmail, Facebook , Linkedin and more.

Get live corrections from Ginger as you type in Gmail, Facebook , Linkedin and more.

Check your English text for grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes, and more. Check your English text for grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes, and more. Check your English text for all types of mistakes: grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more.

Avoid embarrassing mistakes with the world’s #1 grammar checker

The Ginger Grammar Checker helps you write and efficiently corrects
texts. Based on the context of complete sentences, Ginger Grammar Checker uses
patent-pending technology to
correct grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and misused words, with unmatched
accuracy. Ginger’s grammar
check software improves your text just like a human reviewer would.

Enjoy the most expansive online grammar checker on the market. Benefit from single
click proofreading
wherever you type so that you improve your English writing while you learn from your
grammar mistakes.

Getting your grammar right matters!

In the online as well as the offline world, it is important to write without making
silly grammar mistakes,
English syntax errors or punctuation mistakes. We all
know how communication is a key skill for success. For example, in the corporate
world it is hard to get a
job without good written communication skills, even if
the candidate excels in his or her field. In the academic world, error-free English
writing is strongly
correlated with achieving better results. In the online world,
bloggers need to write grammatically correct and fluent texts to make sure that the
message they are trying
to convey is properly reaching their audience. If you have
an online service, then proper, error-free content is crucial. The bottom line is, a
grammar check before
you submit your writing could make the difference between success and failure.

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No more grammar mistakes: Check grammar with Ginger

The Ginger Grammar Checker corrects a vast range of grammar use mistakes. Most
grammar corrector tools
claiming to perform a grammar check based on English
grammar rules are not able to identify the majority of grammar errors; therefore
many of these common
writing errors are overlooked. In many cases,
these free online grammar checkers flag mistakes but do not suggest any corrections.
Ginger uses
groundbreaking technology to detect grammar and spelling
errors in sentences and to correct them with unmatched accuracy. From singular vs
plural errors to the most
sophisticated sentence or tense usage errors,
Ginger picks up on mistakes and corrects them. Grammar checking has never been
easier and faster. With a
single click multiple mistakes are corrected. Your
mistakes will no longer be overlooked with Ginger Software’s Grammar Checker.

Grammar check your way to success: Start writing better and faster

With Ginger’s grammar checking software writing is quick and easy. You’ll never need
to ask others for help
with rules of English grammar. Use Ginger’s Grammar Checker to correct
your texts and download Ginger’s full suite of products to listen to your texts and
learn from your
own mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.

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Don’t let incorrect grammar get in your way. Start using Ginger Software today!
Click here to learn more about the advantages
of using
an online grammar checker.

The Ginger Grammar Checker helps you write
better English
and correct texts more efficiently.
Through the use of patent-pending technology, Ginger Grammar Checker analyzes the
context of your sentence
to correct grammar mistakes, misused words and
spelling mistakes with unmatched accuracy. Ginger’s grammar correction software
improves your text just like
a human reviewer would.

Ginger’s grammar tool corrects all types of mistakes

Ginger corrects all types of grammatical mistakes including topics that are not
addressed by any other
grammar correction program.
Here are some examples:

Subject verb agreement

The smell of flowers bring back memories. → The smell of
flowers brings back memories.

Singular/Plural nouns

Six people lost their life in the accident → Six people lost
their lives in the accident.

Consecutive nouns

Sheryl went to the tickets office → Sheryl went to the ticket office.

Misused words correction

Using its contextual grammar checker, Ginger recognizes the misused words in any
sentence and replaces them
with the correct ones.
I was wandering if there’s any news. → I was wondering if there’s any news.

Contextual spelling correction

The Ginger Spell Checker is a contextual spell checker which identifies the
correction that best fits the
meaning of the original sentence. When combined with the Ginger
Grammar Checker, you can correct entire sentences in a single click.
The same misused word will have a different correction based on the context:
The marble statue hed a big hed →
The marble statue had a big head.

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Phonetic spelling mistakes are corrected even if the correct spelling is very
different from the way they
were originally written:
I like books, exspecaley the classics → I like books, especially
the classics

Irregular verb conjugations are corrected as well:
He flyed to Vancouver → He flew
to Vancouver

Ginger boosts your writing productivity

Checking grammar has never been easier. Once installed on your computer, the Ginger
Grammar Checker is only
one click away, wherever and whenever you
need it. Correct whole sentences with a single click using your current internet
browser and writing,
presentation-making and email programs.

Correct written texts more efficiently with Ginger

Rather than prompting users to correct errors one by one, Ginger identifies and
corrects every error in a
given sentence simultaneously; Ginger even offers suggestions for alternative
sentence structures.
With Ginger- you won’t need to waste time trying to find the correct way to write a
sentence, or have to
pass your texts to someone else for review.

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