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Change Major/MinorTo Declare a Major or Minor

To change major or minor

To switch into (or out of) the History-Secondary Education program

Office of the Registrar: Change of Major/Minor Form Allow 72 hours for processing Add a Class A professor has agreed to let you into a class
No form needed. Your professor will need your name, email address, and TU student
ID number.
Once your professor has authorized you to register, you will need to go online and
register formally Change of Schedule Form (Add/Drop)To drop/withdraw from a class (see here for details)

To take a class pass/D/fail (see here for details)

Office of the Registrar: Change of Schedule Form Drop: after the Change of Schedule period, but before the Withdrawal Deadline = grade
of “W” Departmental Consent to Register for a Course The course you want requires a permission or seat code to registerFor HIST 300, contact the departmental secretary

For other courses, contact the professor of the course

Get a Hold Removed from Your Account You find that you can’t register online because of a “hold”Contact your adviser

Transfer Petition Form You took history courses at another college or university, or you took AP history
courses in high school

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Transfer Petition Form, available through the Office of the Registrar The registrar’s office can provide details about how many credits can be transferred, what AP scores are
accepted, etc. History Major Checklist Make sure you are taking the courses you need to complete your Major   The History Department Office, or download the form for History or History Secondary Education   Change of Grade Form   Get a grade changed because you’ve finished an incomplete, your professor made a mistake,
etc.Only faculty handle the change of grade form

If you think there is a problem, contact your professor to discuss it

Faculty can change your grade only for one year after the course

After one year has passed you will need to petition the Academic Standards Committee
and present verifiable medical evidence

Graduation Form You plan to graduate at the end of the semester Office of the RegistrarEarly January for Spring graduation

Mid-August for Fall graduation

Early July for summer graduation

Petition to Change Original Transfer Credit EvaluationHistory courses you took other schools transferred as generic credits and need to
be changed to history major credits

A course you transferred to TU as one course actually more closely matches a different
TU course

Admissions Office: Petition to Change Original Transfer Credit Evaluation

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Study Abroad Equivalency Request TU credit for courses you plan to take while studying abroad Study Abroad Office: Course Equivalency Request Template It is best to take care of this before you go abroad so you will know, before you
leave, how (and whether) your courses will count Third Attempt of a Course Petition   Office of the Registrar: Third Attempt Form   Waitlist FAQ You want to get into a class that is already full Office of the Registrar: Waitlist FAQ   Grade Appeals and  Academic Integrity Appeal You dispute the final grade in a class or have been notified by your professor of
academic misconduct CLA Academic Integrity & Grade Appeals Information You must follow each step outlined in the appeals process

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