When you think of Long Island food, there are a few main
things that come to mind.

    1. 1. Bagels
    1. 2. Deli
    1. 3. Italian Food

There are an abundance of places to choose from but you‚re about to hear about the best of the best. Let’s start with bagels.
One of Nassau’s favorite bagel places is Town Bagel With your choice of a bagel with endless possibilities on it,
a beautifully crafted chopped salad, or a freshly baked cookie, there‚s no better place to visit on a Sunday morning.
While Town Bagel is one of the best, Long Island Bagel Cafe in Oceanside and
L&E in Wantagh are always fan favorites. Both Long Island Bagel Cafe and L&E are loved due to the fact that they are open 24/7. The only thing better than a bagel is the ability to have a bagel whenever your heart desires.

Moving onto deli’s, things get difficult. Delicatessen’s on Long Island are everywhere and loved by everyone.
It is hard to pick the best, but some worthy of an honorable mention are Seaqua , Otto’s, and My Hero .Now we won’t get too specific on each and every deli, because honestly they’re about the same, but the whole atmosphere of a Long Island Deli is like no other. You have the oddest combination of foods in mind? The deli will do it and warm it up on a nice hero.
You can’t decide between breakfast, a Panini, a sandwich, a hero, pasta salads or regular salads? That’s okay because you have your choice of any or all of it. The possibilities are endless and what makes it even better is the
family style, homey atmosphere. The workers at these deli’s truly love being there and you are always greeted with a smile and friendly face. You’re always treated like a regular, and when you do become a regular,
they know you by name. That my friends, is a good feeling.

Last but not least, Italian Food. Now all Italian food on Long Island is simply amazing, but let’s talk about the all star of Italian food-pizza. You’ve all heard it before, “nothing is better than Long Island pizza,” and it’s true. There are places like
Umberto’s , that will give you one of the best classic pizzas, along with deep-dish, marinara, Sicilian and white pizza. But, Long Island doesn’t just stop there.
There are places like Little Vincent’s that serves hot pizza topped with cold mozzarella cheese. I know,you’re mouth is watering at the sound of it.
Now, if you think that’s crazy, you’re in for a real shock. Many of these pizzerias offer specialty slices such as such as penne alla vodka slices, taco slices, baked ziti slices, pretty much anything you could imagine but on a slice of pizza.


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