Fitness from Everyday Systems

Fitness from Everyday Systems

Reinhard Engels is a superhero. I first learned about him through his Shovelglove workout (which I think I first saw on But Reinhard doesn’t just stop with a great exercise using a sledgehammer covered with a sweater (I’m not kidding). Instead, Reinhard has gone on to develop solutions to pretty much all of his problems with various health issues resulting from personal choices.

Here’s the easy to follow table of Reinhard’s Everyday Systems:

  • If you’re overweight, the Bible would say you’ve fallen pray to glutton. He’s developed the No S Diet. (14 words to sum up a lifestyle choice).
  • If you’re out of shape, the Bible would say you’re practicing sloth. Reinhard has the aforementioned Shovelglove, as well as Urban Ranger.
  • Too much multitasking? Idleness. He’s got the Weekend Luddite (a personal favorite, though I’m not practicing).
  • Problem Drinking? Drunkenness. Reinhard introduces what he calls the Glass Ceiling.

The site is brilliant in its simplicity, while also being a programmer’s guide to problem solving in the flesh space. I highly recommend a visit, and bookmark that site. If you haven’t found a system that’s simple to follow, this might just be it.

Everyday Systems – [from Health Hacks Podcast]

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