First-Year Experience (FYE) Advising Program

Towson University’s First Year Experience (FYE) advising program offers you as a new
freshman student an opportunity to learn skills and make decisions essential for academic
success and progress. The mechanism for the advising program is the ORIE305/306 course.
For this non-credit course, students meet periodically with their adviser at key times
in the year or when the student or adviser believes it necessary.

ORIE 305 Sample Syllabus

During Welcome to Towson, part of TU’s orientation program for new students, you will
meet your First-Year Experience (FYE) adviser who will help you make any needed adjustments
to your schedule. All new students are assigned to a FYE adviser, who may be a TU
faculty member, professional academic adviser or staff member. Your adviser can answer
questions about curriculum, majors, special opportunities (internships, study abroad)
or general adjustment to college, including crucial time management and study skills.

FYE advisers are those who particularly want to work with new students. They have
completed the FYE Institute and, typically, work with students in their department.


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