Every Photography Lover Should Not Miss This Free Online Bokeh Simulator & Depth Of Field Calculator

Photography which once was a luxury for important memories has now become an obsession of a hobby. Many prefer selfies but the true photography lovers trample around the world and dangle over trees just for the sake of a perfect shot. Although a camera doesn’t define a photographer, it definitely gives the photographer the needed advantage. One of the brainstorming issue most of us have is to determine the accurate settings needed for a certain snap. After experimenting with the latest version of Bokeh Simulator & Depth Of Field Calculation, I’ve found it to be the most accurate simulator.

A literal definition of the world simulator could be defined as ‘a realistic imitation of the controls’. It’s a depth of field calculator with a twist. There are many online DOF’s but there are almost none that offer a background blur feature. Hence this webpage has allowed use to calculate close to precision of not only the DOF but also the lens and background blur (BOKEH) which provides with a more detailed calculation which eases photographers to use them in real life. Until now many DOF calculators provide a calculation with raw numbers which doesn’t quite give an accurate of how the end result of a picture would be.

The DOF simulator is a very good learning tool especially for beginners. Furthermore due to the fact of detailed description on the functionality of the tool it allows users to feel less insecure. As many offer only a basic tutorial, the creator decides to add both a step by step tutorial and the ‘help mode’. This provides a hand in hand guidance as the user navigates through the settings, giving everyone an opportunity to be accustomed minimally in terms of understanding the functionality of a camera’s settings as well as the lenses.

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Guide Mode
Help Mode

Although the navigation of the simulator is easy enough, the recent update  has added a whole new set of amazing features. It now also allows the users to customize their Circle Of Confusion (COC), depending on the image size or the digital printing. The photographers can simulate their desired vision of a final image. For all the social media fanatics out there, there is a share button which allows the current simulations to be shared for opinions, updates or anything one’s heart desires. Finally the ‘Lock Frame’ which locks down the image changes whilst using the DOF and the bokeh, allowing one to view the changes when zooming but with constant subject size.

Some of the highlighted features.

For many though the question of the hassle of having an external plugin in order to use this may arise. As delightful it may seem the DOF & Bokeh simulator uses HTML5, CSS3 & Java Script with Angular Js. Hence no additional plugin would be required to enjoy the privileges. As for nomadic people whom often aren’t close to a laptop, there are the offline version and the mobile version with interfaces suited for smaller screens. So anywhere and anytime you would be able to continue your photography experiments.

As a conclusion the designer of this simulator, has managed to fix as much of the flaws noticed in other simulators, making it not only user friendly but also accessible by everyone. Although currently only available in English and Polish it would be amazing if it would be language friendly towards other continents too .

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The Bokeh Simulatir and Depth of Field Calculator shouldn’t be ignored and you could take the first step by clicking on the link below to have a fulfilling experience .

.Bokeh simulator & depth of field calculator

View more information: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/every-photography-lover-should-not-miss-this-free-online-bokeh-simulator-depth-field-calculator.html

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