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The Program

The Environmental Science and Studies Program has two primary educational objectives. One is to provide the fundamental scientific, technical and social knowledge that program graduates will need to assess, plan and evaluate environmental concerns, particularly those confronting metropolitan regions. The second is to instill the wide range of cognitive skills and content mastery that students will need to effectively analyze environmental issues and propose realistic plans for solving environmental problems at local, regional and national levels.

The requirements of the program are structured to meet these two objectives and include mathematical and scientific foundations as well as extensive interdisciplinary study related to environmental issues. The upper-level courses integrate the student’s program of study and provide hands-on practice in an environmental field. The environmental problems addressed in many classes and seminars will focus on the adjacent urban/suburban region and its impact on the surrounding environment.

Most solutions to environmental problems require input from multiple disciplines and environmental education programs need to reflect the complexity of the environmental processes they present. Therefore, the Environmental Science and Studies program utilizes a rigorous interdisciplinary approach. The curriculum draws upon the expertise of faculty in the areas of biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, geography, environmental ethics and values, public policy, science education, economics, public health and social change.

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Students majoring in Environmental Science and Studies have a choice of two concentrations: Environmental Studies or Environmental Science. Although there is considerable overlap in the courses between the two concentrations, Environmental Science is part of the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics and Environmental Studies is part of the College of Liberal Arts.  


Professors: Kent Barnes (Geography & Environmental Planning), Vanessa Beauchamp (Biological Sciences), Harald Beck (Biological Sciences), Ryan Casey (Chemistry ), Brian Fath (Biological Sciences), Laura Gough (Biological Sciences), Susan Gresens (Biological Sciences), Sarah Haines (Biological Sciences), David Hearn (Biological Sciences), John LaPolla (Biological Sciences), Kang Shou Lu (Geography & Environmental Planning), James Manley (Economics), Brian Masters (Biological Sciences), Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences), Clare Muhoro (Chemistry ), Jay Nelson (Biological Sciences), Karen Oslund (History), David Ownby (Chemistry ), Martin Roberge (Geography & Environmental Planning), Robert Rook (History), Christopher Salice (Biological Sciences), Stephen Scales (Philosophy & Religious Studies), Jeremy Tasch (Geography & Environmental Planning), Paporn Thebpanya (Geography & Environmental Planning), Donn Worgs (Political Science)

Associate Professors: Andrea Brace (Health Sciences), Mark Bulmer (Biological Sciences), Kathryn Kautzman (Chemistry ), Sya Kedzior (Geography & Environmental Planning), Christopher Oufiero (Biological Sciences), Makmiller Pedroso (Philosophy & Religious Studies), John Sivey (Chemistry ), Shannon Stitzel (Chemistry ), Timothy Sullivan (Economics)

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Assistant Professors: Jacqueline Doyle (Biological Sciences), Anne Estes (Biological Sciences)

Lecturer: Natalia Fath (Geography & Environmental Planning)

Clinical Assistant Professor: Steven Kimble (Biological Sciences)

View more information: https://catalog.towson.edu/undergraduate/fisher-science-mathematics/environmental-science-studies/

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