Enolate Synthesis

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Enolate Synthesis

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This reaction is a simple acid-base reaction. Enolates may be formed from ketones or aldehydes using a variety of bases, including strong bases such as ethoxide and amide ions. To convert esters to their enolates it is essential to use the conjugate base of the alcohol from which they are formed to prevent hydrolysis or ester exchange. Enolates react very quickly with bromine or other carbonyl compounds

Stable lithium enolate, less substituted if an unsymmetrical ketone

Other reagents: sodium hydroxide or alkoxides with also make enolates (see aldol condensations, for example). However, the acid-base equilibrium is well-balanced and thus the catalyst and both enolates are present if an unsymmetrical ketone is used and any of these may react, especially with a halide.

Other substrates: For esters, the base catalyst must be the conjugate base of the alcohol part of the ester. 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds are more acidic (in fact they existpredominantly in the enol form), so very weak bases can be used to convert them to their enolates.

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An enamine

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