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Biology is the foundation for life. As such, an understanding of this branch of science
is important for helping health care professionals best protect the lives of their
patients by making connections between symptoms and the biological causes. My lifelong
passion for teaching and deep-rooted interests in the genetics of human diseases and
developmental disorders has uniquely prepared me to teach biology and its relevance
to human health and medicine. In the classroom I aim to help students better understand
biology and the role it plays in the human body and the larger world in which they
live through the utilization of different learning styles as well as classroom and
laboratory activities – all of which are designed to best engage and train students
to become active learners both inside and outside the classroom.



O’Hare, E.A., Antin, P.B., and Delany, M.E. 2019. Two Proximally-Close Priority Candidate
Genes for diplopodia-1, an Autosomal Inherited Craniofacial-Limb Syndrome in the Chicken:
MRE11 and GPR83. Journal of Heredity. 110(2):194-210.  PMID: 30597046.

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Cholesterol Levels. Circulation. 30(4):429-445. PMID: 29593015. *Co-first authors
are listed in alphabetical order.

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O’Hare, E.A., Yang, R., Yerges-Armstrong, L., Sreenivansan, U., McFarland, R., Leitch,
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listed in alphabetical order.

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Mutant Lines and Advanced Genetic Technologies to Uncover Genes Involved in Developmental
Processes” (O’Hare, E.A. and Delany, M.E) (pp. 137-141) in: Third report on chicken
genes and chromosomes 2015. Cytogenetic and Genome Research. 145(2):1-103. PMID: 26282327.

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O’Hare, E.A., Wang, X., Montasser, M.E., Chang, Y-P.C., Mitchell, B.D., and Zaghloul,
N.A. 2014. Disruption of ldlr causes increased LDL-cholesterol and vascular lipid
accumulation in a zebrafish model of hypercholesterolemia. Journal of Lipid Research.
55(11): 2242-2253. PMID: 25201834.

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etiology of the craniofacial defects in the avian ciliopathic mutant, talpid2. Development.
141(15): 3003-3012.  PMID: 25053433.

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by modifying genetic elements and is not maintained by chromosomal inversion in an
avian biomedical model. Cytogenetic and Genome Research. 136:50–68.  PMID: 22286052.

Robb E.A., Gitter, G.L., Cheng, H.H., and Delany, M.E. 2011. Chromosomal mapping and
candidate gene discovery of chicken developmental mutants and genome-wide variation
analysis of MHC-congenics.  Journal of Heredity. 102(2):141-156.  PMID: 21273214.

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Swanberg S.E., O’Hare, T.H., Robb, E.A., Robinson, C.M., Chang, H., Delany, M.E. 2010. 
Telomere Biology of the Chicken: A Model for Aging Research. Experimental Gerontology.
45:647-654. PMID: 20399262.


Courses Taught

  • BIOL 190  Introductory Biology for Health Professions
  • BIOL 614  Applied Biotechnology

View more information: https://www.towson.edu/fcsm/departments/biology/facultystaff/eohare.html

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