Driver Packs – For Users who hate to search for device drivers

Driver Packs – For Users who hate to search for device drivers

If you hate to search for drivers every time you bought a new hardware, or re-installs your Windows, DriverPacks will come into rescue. It current has 8 DriverPacks available, ranging from Chipset, CPU, Graphics, LAN, MassStorage, Sound and WLAN. It should include many brands from popular ones to even unpopular ones. The filesize of each driver pack are not huge so it can save you time on searching for the device driver you need on the Net:

… After a while I decided to just try it, and I started the DriverPack Sound. It was a hell to get it fully working, but the positive feedback kept me continuing. Later DriverPack LAN was added and also DriverPack MassStorage (this last one was started by RyanVM). In January ’05 I released DriverPack WLAN, which contains about 250 drivers (at that time)! This one has without a doubt the largest collection until now. In February, DriverPack Graphics has become available. This one has been split into two parts: A and B. DriverPack Graphics A supports the ATI Radeon series and the nVidia GeForce and Quadro series, while DP Graphics B supports all other graphics cards. Recently DriverPack Chipset has been added to the list! DriverPack Sound has also been split into two parts (A and B) because of its size. DriverPack CPU, a tiny DriverPThis (nearly) completes the circle: all important device drivers are now available in the form of DriverPacks!…

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