Douglas N. Ross, Ph.D. Department of Management



Prof. Doug Ross has taught undergraduate and graduate classes, in the United
States and abroad, in strategy and business policy, international business,
management, and business ethics and society. In 2005, he was a Fulbright
scholar –senior specialist — in Sweden. He has been awarded ‘teacher of
the year’ …[more]

Fall 2017 – (online)-

This course focuses on integrating operational skills and theories and
emphasizing management decision making as it relates to strategic management
and business policy in domestic and international operations. Course topics
include strategic management process; sustainable competitive advantage;
external &internal analysis; business, corporate & international strategy;
corporate governance, ethics & sustainability;  strategic control;
organization design; and strategic leadership. eText & Simulation required.
Internet access required. Pre-req: FIN 331, MKTG 341/342, MNGT 361, BUSX301,
EBTM 365

 MNGT 375
International Business

Study Abroad – Spain-Morocco.
The course focuses on global dimensions and interdependencies of business:
political environments, cultural context, ethics, international firm’s strategies and market entry. Course topics include: elements of
international finance– international monetary system, foreign exchange,
economic integration– and global trade theory. Please provide complete
application to Study Abroad.  Laptop computers highly recommended.

READ:  Catherine Hearn | Towson University



Fall 2016 & Spring
2017 – (hybrid & online)
– Explaining and understanding management functions
and processes in terms of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling,
including management history, international management, diversity
management, and organizational culture.

classes: Access to the Internet required. Course documentation located
on course BlackBoard website.



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