Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice

Our three strong undergraduate concentrations in sociology, anthropology and criminal justice expose you to the breadth and richness of the respective disciplines and provide
essential learning opportunities. You will acquire knowledge in innovative and exciting
ways through independent research, internships, service learning, and honors and capstone
experiences. Use the knowledge and methodologies of your discipline to develop conceptual
thinking, critical analysis, oral and written communication, and information technology

Exceptional Faculty

Our outstanding faculty are distinguished teachers, student advisers, scholars and community agents of change.
They work closely with you to guide your academic progress and help you formulate
relevant career goals and choices. Faculty will offer insight into collaborative research,
multidisciplinary curricular initiatives and projects that serve the campus, students
and the community. Benefit from the department’s strong associations with potential
employers through internships and other partnerships.

Internship Opportunities

Interested in an internship in sociology, anthropology, or criminal justice? Contact
the internship coordinator in each program.

Inside-Out Prison Exchange

Our students participate in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange program, which takes TU students inside a prison to study criminal justice as equals
with incarcerated men and women. The experience challenges notions of crime and justice
and transforms perspectives.

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