Department of Electronic Media & Film

EMF Statement of Solidarity and Action

The faculty and staff of the Department of Electronic Media and Film fully support
the statement of solidarity and purpose from the College of Fine Arts and Communications. EMF strongly believes that Black
Lives Matter. 

As a department, we will work towards anti-racism in our academic, professional, and
cultural worlds. This change will involve learning, listening, training, reflection,
but most importantly, actions. A main goal is to ensure that Black stories and voices
be created, heard, seen, and amplified in and from our classrooms. We will engage
in learning about anti-racism and race equity and putting this knowledge into practice.
This change will extend through the work of our committees, staffing, guest artists,
screenings, and into our pedagogy. It is important that the students, faculty, and
staff of EMF all help create a more diverse and inclusive media and entertainment

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