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The Degree Completion Plan (DCP) is a way for you and your advisor to map out your
class schedule for the next 3-5 years. This helps you to see the big picture and make
sure you are staying on track with all the Dance B.F.A. degree requirements. 

We understand your future schedules might change based on what classes are available
and your future interests. The DCP is just one part of advising that could save you
time and money by highlighting a clear path towards degree completion and graduation.


Step 1

Print documents to help in your planning:

  • Print the Dance Major Suggested Course Sequence
    Note the differences between the B.F.A. and the B.F.A. with K-12 Dance Certification
  • Print your Academic Requirements
    Login to Towson Online Services, go to Self Service, Student Center 

Step 2

Complete your Degree Completion Plan.

Degree Completion Plan (blank)

Dance Degree Completion Plan (preloaded with dance sequence) 

You may:

  • Complete the DCP form with courses/semesters you have already completed, starting
    at the beginning of your time at Towson University, and then move into the future.
    (Transfer credits will go at the bottom of the DCP form.)


  • Cross off courses you have already completed on the Suggested Course Sequence and
    start the DCP whereever you are in the curriculum. Do what makes the most sense to
    Make sure you have accounted for prerequisites, CORE courses, and all required courses
    for the Major. It is ultimately your responsibility to stay on top of your degree
READ:  Sociology (SOCI)


Step 3

Email your DCP to your advisor. See the due dates listed. You must successfully complete
the DCP for advising holds to be lifted. 

The DCP is required by Maryland Senate Bill 740 (SB 740). SB 740 is the Career and
College Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013. It was signed into law May 2013
and requires all students to file an Individualized Degree Completion Plan.


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