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Vision Statement:

The Deaf Studies Program is a dynamic organization committed to a better understanding
and improved communications with the Deaf community.  Deaf Studies students and faculty
will reflect the diversity of both the Towson University campus community and the
surrounding Deaf community in Maryland.  The Deaf Studies program also will promote
a better awareness and ability to work with the Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard-of-hearing
communities.  Promoting collaborative partnerships between Towson University and the
Deaf community is a key element of this commitment. Deaf Studies graduates will be
well prepared to meet their professional responsibilities and to continue their personal
and professional growth as Towson University graduates.

Mission Statement:

The Deaf Studies (DFST) program at the College of Liberal Arts, strives to inspire
and empower our students to build self-efficacy in their studies for a professional
career within the Deaf studies field.  Through DFST’s strong liberal arts curriculum
and foundation in ASL and Deaf Studies, the students will develop knowledge and competency
in ASL, including recognition and respect of the intersectionality of Deaf identities
and Deaf experiences within and between Deaf communities, individual and collective. 
Intersectionality of Deaf identities includes, not limited to the following: race,
ethnicity, gender, abilities, cultures, socioeconomics, and more (i.e., Black Deaf,
Deaf People of Color, Deaf LGBTQIA, D/deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard-of-Hearing,


The students will acknowledge how history had a significant impact on the lives of
Deaf individuals in the past and present by becoming advocates and allies in their
professional careers involving Deaf individuals and the Deaf communities on the issues
of social justice.  Upon graduating from the DFST program with proficiency in ASL,
the students will be qualified for an entry-level career within the Deaf community. 
Also, the students will be well-prepared for admittance into a graduate program to
pursue further studies for a professional career within the Deaf communities in one
or more of the following Deaf-related disciplines: education, legal, human services,
or medical.

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