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Associate Director

Contact Information:
Email: dzawacki AT_TOWSON
Phone: 410-704-4359

Something people might not know about TU.
As if our beautiful campus weren’t enough, there’s so much going on in our surrounding
community, too! From street festivals and concerts to farmer’s markets and neighborhood
events, there’s such great energy in Uptown Towson. Plus, there’s currently more than
$1 billion in public and private investment taking place right now all around the
area — whether it’s new apartment buildings, restaurants, and shops, or the exciting
new TU Incubator spaces that will drive community engagement and entrepreneurship,
the neighborhoods around the university are as vibrant as campus itself. When you’re
choosing a college, you’re also choosing the community around it — ours certainly
has a lot to offer!

My advice to anyone who’s applying.
Your college search process is exactly that: yours. Do your best to avoid comparing your college list, visits and tours, and applications
to those of your friends and classmates — it’s a fine line between getting advice
from a friend (which is a great thing to do!) and feeling like you need to apply to
that school or check out this college just because it’s the place everyone else is looking at, too. Just like no two colleges
are exactly alike, no two students will have the same college journey! Explore colleges
and universities that you feel excited about, and don’t sweat where everyone else is looking if those places
aren’t interesting to you. In the end, choosing a college is a personal decision,
and there’s no “wrong” way to pick a school and obtain your degree.

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Why I work in admissions.
Going to (and getting through) college is a transformative experience. The benefits
of higher education are well-researched: the more education a person receives, the
greater their potential for financial earnings, the more likely they are to be an
engaged citizen, the more they’re aware and inclusive of others with different backgrounds
and lived experiences — there are even studies that suggest improving your education
can lead to a longer life! But not only do you as an individual reap the personal
benefits of your education, so, too, does your community. TU is one of the top 10%
schools in the country for social mobility, meaning that the work we do to help our
students achieve their goals has a real impact on their lives, and that impact resonates
out to the town of Towson, the city of Baltimore, and the state of Maryland. I’m inspired
to help guide students like you on their college journeys, and that’s why I work in

Why Choose Towson University?

View more information: https://www.towson.edu/admissions/undergrad/team/daniel-zawacki.html

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