Co-ed in Baltimore//A guide to social sports in Baltimore

What the Organizations Have to Offer

Baltimore Social

You can sign up as a formed team, small group, or a free agent and join an already existing team. Baltimore Social T-shirts are provided to teams in own unique color in addition to food and drink specials for all teams at post-game happy hour location. There is always a complimentary beer party at the end of each season and ref fee’s, equipment & shirts are included in the registration price.

  • Kickball: There are 3 types of kickball teams including, outdoor kickball (11 vs 11), indoor kickball (9 vs 9), and cup in hand kickball (12 vs 12). Flip cup after each game at the local sponsor bar is mandatory and calculates into the team standings.
  • Flag Football: Divided into two skill levels based on competitiveness (A being more so than B). League consists of 8 vs 8 play, having a minimum of five males and three females per team.
  • Softball: 10 vs 10 play with a maximum of 7 males on the field at once. Bats are provided at all locations. No more than three males can bat in a row and walking a male is automatically two bases.
  • Soccer: Divided into two skill levels based on competitiveness (A being more so than B). Indoor and outdoor leagues available, both played on turf. Formed in 6 vs 6 or 7 vs 7 teams with a minimum of two females for both.
  • Bocce Ball: Typically 5-12 player teams with a minimum of two players present each week. A World Cup Style Tournament to decide a City Championship at the end of each season.
  • Skeeball: With two styles to choose from (traditional and match play), skeeball consists of a minimum of five players per team. The top four teams will compete for the City Championship and qualify for the Skeeball National Championship.
  • Kan Jam: A minimum of four players are required to participate in a best of three style of play competing to be the first to twenty-one points. $45.00
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    Flip Cup League: Teams of seven will play two matches each week (best of nine) with two complimentary pitchers of beer. One survivor game will be played each week meaning every participant for themselves against the rest of the league where the winner will receive a free pitcher of beer. $45.00

  • Shuffleboard: Played in a new bar almost every week with a four-person minimum per team. Participants will play best of three style in 30 minute games. $40.00

  • Baltimore Sports and Social Club

    BSSC offers three levels of play to participants starting at super extreme social (beginner level athletic skills and little competition), extreme social (intermediate level athletic skills and somewhat competitive), and social (advanced skills with the most competition). You can sign up as a full team or an individual player for any league. Shirt with team color of choice is provided and sponsor bars will hold designated food and drink specials following games meaning all players must be 21 by the start of the season (coolers are allowed at all outdoor facilities). Seasons have eight regular season games followed by a potential post season. A base league fee of $725 for a team of 12 players and $65 for every additional player after 12.

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  • Football: All three football leagues will be played on Sundays between 10am and 4pm. Every third play must pertain to a female and three females must occupy the field at all times.
  • Volleyball: All three volleyball leagues will be played on Thursdays between 6pm and 10 pm indoors at Duburns Arena. A maximum of six players on the court at once (three male max) following the standard rules of the sport in addition to the availability of a ghost player.
  • Kickball: The only division available is extreme social, with two sub categories for skill levels known as Tastes Great and Less Filling
  • Softball: All three division leagues will play on Saturdays between 10am and 4pm. A team must have a minimum of 12 players with no more than six males on the feild at one time and must have a minimum of three females. Both wood and metal bats allowed.
  • Dodgeball: Extreme Social availability meaning players demonstrate an intermediate athletic skill level and a minimum of six players needed on the court with at least two being female. Fall season only.
  • Play Baltimore

    Differing from most adult coed sports entities, Play Baltimore is an 18+ organization where drinking during or after games is not particularly a factor and the focus is more so on being active and meeting new people. If you are looking for a tight knit environment where you will see familiar faces each week, this is the place for you. You can sign up as a group or single individual looking to join a team. Teams are considered to be on a “fun coed” level, meaning competitiveness is minimal.


  • Soccer: Traditional soccer regulations enforced with no noted minimal number of females per team. $65.00 due at time of regular registration.
  • Softball: This is a slow pitch league where all equipment is required by individual players. Bats must be metal and visibly ASA certified $60.00 due at time of regular registration.
  • Ultimate Frisbee: An intense twist on the age old game of Frisbee, this league is not only a great time but extremely affordable at just $15.00 per player! With a 7 vs 7 style of play, a minimum of two girls must be on the field.

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