Climate, Weather & Society Minor

Minor in Climate, Weather, & Society to learn more about the climate and weather on
Earth, and how they impact our lives.

Hurricane Irene spins toward the United States in August 2011. Improvements in forecasting
technology allowed meteorologists to accurately predict the hurricane’s path. (Photo
courtesy of NASA)

Students minoring in Climate, Weather & Society will be provided with an introduction
to atmospheric principles and meteorological phenomena such as heat waves, drought,
hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. The minor is suitable for students who wish to
be informed about this field and who might pursue careers in environmental policy,
emergency management, mass communication, government, and industry, or graduate work
in environmental or physical geography. 

The minor is awarded upon completion of a minimum of 21 units of required and elective
courses. The Department of Geography and Environmental Planning will accept up to
6 units of electives from other departments. Note that some of the electives may have
prerequisites associated with them.  View requirements for the minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.

student opportunities

Geography Club

The Towson University Geography Society, better known as the Geography Club, provides opportunities to meet your peers in
the department and engage in geography-related discussions and projects on campus.

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