Chi Phi Executive Board

Executive Board:

ALPHA, also known as the president, is Alec Day. He is the face of the fraterity, he deals a lot with the national office and oversees every aspect of the fraternity.

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BETA, also known as the vice president, is Shivang Patel. He is another face of the fraternity, he deals a lot with the local level, overseeing committees.

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GAMMA, also known as the secretary, is Wayne Nicholas. He takes care of meeting minutes as well as handles the google calendar to make sure it is up to date and accurate.

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DELTA, also known as the treasurer, is Brian Desrosiers. He takes care of a any money both coming in and out of the fraternity, as a finance major he has much experience in this field, he also handles any bank accounts the fraternity may have.

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EPSILON, also known as the sergent of arms, is Shawn Frank. He takes care of a lot of ritual, as well as the brotherhood board which essentially is a disiplinary board who handles punishments for men who do something wrong.

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ZETA, also known as the historian, is Kenny Smith. He takes care of any local traditions we want to have as well as a scrapbook and anything that we may need for the future Towson Chi Phi’s.


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ETA, also known as the risk manager, is Janusz Pazgier. He manages any type of social event that the fraternity has to make sure everyone is being safe. As well he is in charge of setting up sober monitors and keeping the fraternity house in order.

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THETA, also known as the rush chair, is Hunter Dise. He is responsible for setting up all of rush week as well as any other event that may require brothers to come to so we can see and possibly recruit new men into our organization.

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IOTA, also known as the new member educator, is Sean Donnelly. He is in charge of educating any new member that we have as well as getting them up to speed with anything that we may have going on. In addition, he keeps the new members safe and makes it a 100% no tolerance policy for any type of hazing.

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LAMBDA, also known as the diversity chair, is Connor Hallet. He takes care of making the fraternity aware of any racial issues going on around us. He also gives presentations and makes sure that nobody is being discriminated against.


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