Chem332 : Organic Chemistry II

General Lab Course Information – Fall 2018

Lab Syllabus
Lab Calendar
Lab Safety Sheet – Copy provided for signature in lab lecture
Lab Notebook – Example
Lab Notebook – Data Table Example
Appendix A – Apparatus Set-Ups

Labs and Lab Assignments

Introduction to Microscale Organic Experiments : introduction

Calculation Review – Review Notes


Spectroscopy Values : Spect Values
Infrared Spectroscopy : Lab Lecture – The Zone Approach
IR Sample Spectra – Extra Examples to view online
IR Problems – For Extra Practice
Elemental Analysis/Mass Spectroscopy – Lab Lecture
Proton NMR : Lab Lecture
Carbon NMR : Lab Lecture
Carbon NMR : In-class examples

Lab 1 : Qualitative Analysis: Identification of an Unknown Compound

No lab notebook prep required.
PreLab Homework 1a: IR Spectroscopy (Answer Key)
PreLab Homework 1b: Intro and Proton NMR (Answer Key)
Answer Sheet – “Unknown #1-Q2S” (IR must be taken in lab)
Answer Sheet – “Unknown #2-Q2P” (IR already attached)

Lab 2A and 2B : Polymers

PreLab Homework 2: Polymers and C-13 NMR (Answer Key)
Cover Page 2: Polymers
PostLab 2: Polymers

Lab 3 : Reduction of Vanillin

PreLab Homework 3: Reduction (Answer Key)
Digimelt Apparatus Instructions – Using the DigiMelt
A refresher on melting point analysis – Review Notes
Cover Page 3: Reduction
Abstract : Example
PostLab 3: Reduction

Lab 4 : Oxidative Cleavage to form Adipic Acid

PreLab Homework 4: Oxidative Cleavage (Answer Key)
Cover Page 4: Oxidative Cleavage
PostLab 4: Oxidative Cleavage

Lab 5 : Grignard Reaction to form Benzoic Acid

PreLab Homework 5: Grignard (Answer Key)
Cover Page 5: Grignard
PostLab 5: Grignard

Lab 6 : Lidocaine – Part 1

PreLab Homework 6: Lidocaine Synthesis, Part 1 (Answer Key)
Cover Page 7: Lidocaine, Part I
Generic IR of Product from Lidocaine Part 1 – Only for analysis for postlab question
PostLab 6: Lidocaine Synthesis, Part 1

Lab 7: Esterification to form Isobutyl Propionate

PreLab Homework 7: Esterification (Answer Key)
Cover Page 7: Esterification
PostLab 7: Esterification

Lab 8: Lidocaine – Part 2

PreLab Homework 8: Lidocaine Synthesis, Part 2 (Answer Key)
Cover Page 8: Lidocaine, Part 2
PostLab 8: Lidocaine Synthesis, Part 2

Lab 9: Aldol Condensation

PreLab Homework 9: Aldol Condensation (Answer Key)
Cover Page 9: Aldol Condensation
IR of Acetone
PostLab 9: Aldol Condensation

Lab 10: Friedel-Crafts Alkylation of p-Xylene

PreLab Homework 10: Friedel-Crafts Alkylation (Answer Key)
Cover Page 10: Friedel-Crafts Alkylation
PostLab 10: Friedel-Crafts Alkylation
PostLab Discussion: Notes
Standard GCs for Comparitive Analysis: Friedel-Crafts Alkylation

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