Changing a Schedule

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Adding a Class

Students may add classes to their schedules through the Change of Schedule period by going to Towson Online Services/Peoplesoft. Check the Academic Calendar for deadlines.

Students may not enter a class after the Change of Schedule period ends. Exceptions are considered only with written authorization from the instructor and department chair.

Dropping or withdrawing from a Class

Students may drop classes until the end of the withdrawal period by going to Towson Online Services/Peoplesoft. Check the Academic Calendar for deadlines.

  • No grade is recorded when dropping a class through the Change of Schedule period.
  • A grade of W is recorded on the transcript when dropping a class after the Change of Schedule period through the end of the withdrawal period. There is no academic penalty associated with the W grade; however, some departments restrict the number of times a specific course may be attempted and in these cases, the W will count as a completed attempt, but will not affect your GPA. See repeat policy for more information.

Students who do not officially drop courses during the established time periods receive grades in the courses (A to F or FX) as determined by the instructors.

If you receive financial aid, please see the policy on Drops and Withdrawals.

Withdrawal after the Deadline

Students with documented medical problems or verified circumstances beyond their control may request to withdraw from one or more courses without academic penalty after the established deadline. Students must send a letter to the Academic Standards Committee requesting a late withdrawal; documentation must accompany the request. If the request is approved, a grade of W will be recorded. Requests must be submitted prior to the beginning of final examinations.

Cancellation of Enrollment

Newly admitted undergraduate students who decide not to attend the university before or during the first week of classes of the term for which admission was approved must notify University Admissions in writing. Their admission file will be canceled accordingly and they will be required to submit an additional application for any future entrance date.

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Current students who fail to pay their tuition bill on time may also have their enrollment canceled prior to the beginning of the term. Please refer to the Payment of Fees section under Financial Information in this Catalog.

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