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Welcome to the Center for Professional Practice (CPP)! Located in 303 Hawkins Hall,
CPP is a service office in the College of Education at Towson University. We work
with all educator preparation programs at Towson. The major purpose of the Center
is to assist in the placement of TU students in a variety of field settings and to
assist departments in developing, supporting and sustaining Professional Development
Schools (PDS).

CPP is Towson’s official conduit to Maryland school systems for field and clinical
experiences, including our extensive PDS Network. Our team is available year-round to provide support to our many constituents involved with
our initial certification programs for educators.

The CPP Director and staff work closely with students, department chairs, faculty
and school district personnel to provide field experiences that will help Towson University’s
future teachers become facilitators of active learning for diverse and inclusive populations. 

View our handbook which provides modules for all of our partners engaged in teacher
preparation in the public schools. Please note that the table of contents is navigable.
Just point and click on the page number you want to go directly to the desired section
without scrolling through the document.

CPP is also the central point of coordination for the education unit’s comprehensive
data collection and dissemination related to field experiences and PDS. These data
are used by individual departments in annual strategic planning, and the trend data
are publicly posted on the College of Education website. 

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The Center for Professional Practice works to strengthen ties across all of our campus
programs and school system partners. It is important to keep our ties strong within
this community in order to continue to provide collaborative leadership and high quality
experiences in the schools for our teacher candidates and the students they teach.

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