Cell Phone Addiction in America

Cell Phone Addiction In America – The Shocking Truth

In America, one of the biggest addiction has become the cell phone addiction. With only so much time in a day, people spend a good amount of it on their phones. Average cell phone use per day is over 3 hours! People check their phones about 110 times a day. 40% of people have shown use of their phones in the bathroom and 12% in the shower.

This addiction is not something that can easily be put aside and 50% of American teens have admitted that they are addicted to their smartphones. Conflict has risen because of this and 70% of parents say that they have argued with their teens about their usage. It has also taken away from daily social interactions with family. 77% of parents say that their teens were distracted by their phones when spending time with family.

Cell phone addiction has also lead to even more serious problems. Cell phone usage has caused 26% of the nation’s car accidents. Parents even more than teens tend to check their phones while driving at 56%. For teens, it was only 51%.

Source: http://newtheory.com/stats-prove-how-addicted-we-really-are-to-our-cellphones-its-even-scarier-than-we-thought/

View more information: https://www.Hiddentracks.org/521175/cell-phone-addiction-america-the-shocking-truth

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