Carol Norton | Towson University


M.A., Ohio University, 1987

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Communication
Business and Professional Communication
Advanced Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication


Professor Norton has over 25 years of combined experience in business and professional
communication and Communication Studies instruction. Ms. Norton has organizational
and consulting experience in private and public sector communications. Her experience
includes project management, organizational development, business development, community
relations, presentational coaching, and crisis management. In the classroom, Professor
Norton emphasizes the balance between communication theory and communication skills.
Her teaching experience includes: Leadership Communication (a service-learning course),
Communication and Global Competence (a study abroad course in Barcelona, Spain), Interpersonal
Communication, Business and Professional Communication, Advanced Public Speaking,
Conference and Meeting Management, Honors Public Speaking, Public Speaking, Nonverbal
Communication, Organizational Communication, and Communication Training and Development.

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