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Package Delivery

Central Receiving is open 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to receive faculty, staff and departmental
deliveries, accommodate large package pick-up and make on-campus deliveries. 
Walk-ins are accepted, and packages will be transferred while adhering to physical
distancing directives.

Faculty and staff may call Work Control at 410-704-2481 to check on a package or confirm
a package is available for pick up.

The Post Office picks up packages, delivers smaller packages and accepts student mail. Visit
Post Office page for details and FAQs.

The university’s peak operating hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
during the regular semester. During these hours, all service providers making deliveries
within the campus’s academic core must adhere to the operating standards listed below.
The delivery route map (PDF) provides additional information about which campus routes are restricted to

Vehicle Access & Restrictions

Except for planned special circumstances approved by Facilities Management, no gas-powered
vehicles are to drive on pedestrian walkways during regular semesters between the
hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. There is no time restriction for electric and utility
vehicles. Motoring on sidewalks should, whenever possible, be done only when pedestrian
traffic is at a minimum, i.e. during class hours (typically on the hour to ten minutes
before the hour). Under no circumstances should any motorized vehicle be driven on
Legacy Walk.

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Projects that require moving and removing large quantities of materials, supplies
and equipment should be scheduled for non-peak school periods, i.e. before or after
the hours stipulated above, or on weekends, summers, mini-semesters and spring breaks.
It is imperative that the planning for such projects consider appropriate scheduling
by all involved parties, including customers, project managers, vendors, contractors
and movers. Emergency situations are exempt from this scheduling.

Regular daily deliveries to buildings without direct service access, such as Hawkins
Hall, Psychology Building, Linthicum Hall and Lecture Hall must be completed by 7:30
a.m. Monday through Friday or on weekends. If deliveries must be made during peak
weekday hours, the buildings should only be accessed by parking in a designated service
parking area and walking to the building.

All other buildings with accessible service areas must be accessed via the buildings’
service areas only—including docks and service entrances—with the exception of emergency

These restrictions must be shared with contractors and vendors prior to scheduling
work and deliveries. In addition, appropriate parties (TUPD, Facilities Management
Work Control and Parking Services) must be given prior notice when circumstances require
motor vehicles on walkways during restricted times.

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