Calculating Area and Perimeter


To calculate the area and wetted perimeter
of a channel cross section, begin at the top of the left bank
and number each surveyed point, starting at 1,
proceeding to the right bank.
Enter the number of vertices in the form below,
then enter each vertex’s x and y values. After entering
the required data, click the Calculate button
to obtain the cross-sections’s area and wetted perimeter.
As written, the calculator can process up to 10 vertices.

After clicking
the Calculate button, the coordinate values,
area and perimeter will displayed using the specified number of
decimal digits. The coordinate values
displayed are those used to calculate the
area and perimeter, so changing the
displayed decimal digits may change the x
and y coordinate values and may result
in the calculation of different values
for the polygon’s area and perimeter.
For many practical problems of interest, results
calculated and displayed using 3 decimal digits are adequate.

Clicking the Reset button
will erase the form’s content and set the number of
vertices and displayed decimal digits to 3.

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