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Green Roof Maintenance

Barbara Hufnagel

Supply & Delivery of Paper Stock
Danny Mays Rebuild Elevator in the University Union Garage
Jeff Sutton Party Supply Rental TU-1805 8/4/17  Bobby Zengel Condenser Water System Modifications TU-1810 10/9/17  Barbara Hufnagel Event Parking Services TU-1812 10/24/17  Bobby Zengel Transcribing Services TU-1813-SBR 10/24/17 Bobby Zengel Glen Towers Elevator Renovations TU-1815 10/25/17 Jeff Sutton South Campus Pavilion Tents TU-1817 11/13/17 Barbara Hufnagel Glass/Window Cleaning Services TU-1819-SBR 12/8/17 Barbara Hufnagel Integrated Pest Management TU-1820 12/14/17 Barbara Hufnagel Fire Extinguisher Service TU-1824-SBR 2/5/18 Barbara Hufnagel Ice Melt TU-1831 12/18/17 Barbara Hufnagel Coach & School Bus Transportation TU-1837 2/8/18 Danny Mays Towson Center AHU Replacement TU-1839-SBR 2/7/18 Barbara Hufnagel South Campus Pavilion Tents TU-1840 1/30/18 Barbara Hufnagel Burke Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Repair TU-1848 3/2/18 Jeff Sutton Asphalt Paving Repair Projects TU-1849 3/5/18 Barbara Hufnagel Psychology Building Interior Renovations TU-1850 3/6/18 Barbara Hufnagel Supply & Delivery of Royal Basket Trucks TU-1853 3/1/18 Danny Mays Union Garage Vehicular Bridge Repair TU-1854 3/13/18 Jeff Sutton Supply & Delivery of Twin Mattresses TU-1856 3/5/18 Danny Mays Enrollment Services Storefront Package TU-1858-SBR 3/27/18 Danny Mays CLA & Admin Building Wireless Upgrade TU-1860-SBR 4/6/18 Bobby Zengel Stephens Hall Bathroom Renovation TU-1865-SBR 4/12/18 Jeff Sutton Union Garage Restoration TU-1868 4/20/18 Barbara Hufnagel Glen Towers and Towson Run PTAC Units TU-1870 4/10/18 Lauren Davin Supply & Delivery of Screen Printed T-Shirts TU-1872 4/24/18 Lauren Davin Cook Library Bathroom Renovations TU-1874-SBR 5/16/18 Danny Mays Sprinkler Systems Inspection Services, Testing and Repairs TU-1876 5/18/18 Barbara Hufnagel Stephens Hall Wireless Upgrade TU-1877-SBR 5/11/18 Bobby Zengel Emergency Generator Service TU-1882 5/25/18 Barbara Hufnagel On-Call Brick & Masonry TU-1902-SBR 5/18/18 Barbara Hufnagel Trash Systems Cleaning TU-1904 6/11/18 Barbara Hufnagel Interpreting Services TU-1905-SBR 9/10/18 Michelle Compton Supply & Install of ADA Access Lift TU-1906-SBR 6/25/18 Michelle Compton Lenel OnGuard Software Upgrade and Support Plan TU-1907-SBR 6/14/18 Bobby Zengel Towson Center Fire Door Replacement TU-1911-SBR 7/31/18 Michelle Compton Fire Suppression Service TU-1914-SBR 8/23/18 Michelle Compton Towson Center Elevator Cab Replacement TU-1916 11/1/18 Michelle Compton Interpreting Services TU-1917 9/12/18 Michelle Compton Hazardous Tree Removal TU-1918 9/6/18 Michelle Compton Splunk Licensing, Configuration, Deployment and Support TU-1920 9/21/18 Bobby Zengel Snow Melt TU-1926 11/19/18 Michelle Compton Imperva Support TU-1927-SBR 11/9/18 Bobby Zengel Roof Maintenance TU-1929-SBR 12/3/18 Michelle Compton SECU Lighintg & Controls Upgrade TU-1935 2/5/19 Michelle Compton 10 West Lighting Project TU-1938-SBR 2/13/19 Michelle Compton Prettyman & Scarborough AC and Electrical Upgrades TU-1940-SBR 2/25/19 Michelle Compton Prettyman & Scarborough Bathroom Renovations TU-1942-SBR 2/28/19 Michelle Compton On-Call Concrete Repairs TU-1945 3/6/19 Michelle Compton 7800 York Rd 1st and 2nd Floor Demolition TU-1946 2/28/19 Michelle Compton Water Treatment Program TU-1947 5/6/19 Michelle Compton 7800 York Rd 1st and 2nd Floor Renovation TU-1949-SBR 3/8/19 Michelle Compton Glen Garage Restoration TU-1956 4/3/19 Michelle Compton On-Call Plumbing TU-1964 5/3/19 Michelle Compton Rebuild & Installation of Steam Manhole Drainage System TU-1966 4/18/19 Michelle Compton Temporary Parking Permits TU-1976 5/8/19 Wendy Childs CFA & ES Wireless Upgrade TU-1982-SBR 5/31/19 Wendy Childs On-Call Insulation Services TU-2003 7/29/19 Michelle Compton Enrollment Services Power Washing TU-2005 7/9/19 Michelle Compton Crowd Management TU-2006 7/2/19 Wendy Childs Supply & Delivery of Paper Stock TU-2009 6/27/19 Lauren Davin Employment Advertising TU-2015 8/20/19 Lauren Davin Security Guard Contract TU-2016 10/24/19 Jeff Miller University Union Asbestos Abatement Phase 1B & 1C TU-2019-SBR 11/15/19 Michelle Compton On-Call Power Washing TU-2024-SBR 9/25/19 Wendy Childs On-Call Landscape Enhancement Projects TU-2026-SBR 10/3/19 Michelle Compton Sanitary Drain Line Repair TU-2030 10/23/19 Michelle Compton On-Call Industrial Hygiene TU-2041 6/22/20 Michelle Compton TU Power Plant Boiler and Fuel Tank Upgrade TU-2047 2/24/20 Michelle Compton SECU Promonade Repairs TU-2052-SBR 3/6/20 Michelle Compton Towsontown & Glen Parking Garage Restoration TU-2053 2/19/20 Michelle Compton On-Call Tree Maintenance Services TU-2054 2/24/20 Wendy Childs General Services Cabling TU-2060-SBR 3/31/20 Wendy Childs Loading Dock Door Replacement: Field House & Towson Center TU-2067 4/3/20 Wendy Childs On-Call Asbestos Abatement TU-2072-SBR 6/12/20 Michelle Compton Center for the Arts Kaplan Concert Hall Projection Screen Project TU-2073-SBR 4/28/20 Wendy Childs On-Call Painting TU-2105 1/13/21 Michelle Compton On-Call Snow Removal TU-2108 9/21/20 Michelle Compton
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