ASL Screening & CPL Test

For students with college credit on a transcript

Email the Deaf Studies Program Director (jbegue AT_TOWSON) to schedule an appointment to be screened into the appropriate level of ASL class.

For students with no college credit on a transcript:

Students with knowledge of ASL from high school, continuing education, or family/community
experience, but no college credits on a transcript, who want to begin the ASL sequence above the ASL 1 level must take an ASL screening
for placement into a class. Students who are taking the exam for the purposes of placement
and who do not want college credit for the courses do not have to pay an examination
fee. Students who take the exam for purposes of college credit must pay a fee ($100
for the test plus $90 for credits=$190 total) for each class to have credits put on
their transcript
Students in the DFST, SPPA, and ELED majors MUST HAVE credit for at least one ASL
course on their transcript in order to graduate. Students who want ASL 1 to fulfill their Core 5 must have ASL
1 on their transcript
Students will be billed for the credits after the screening.

What does the test cover?

The test includes vocabulary and grammar from the following:

ASL 1: Signing Naturally, level 1, units 1-6

ASL 2: Signing Naturally, level 1, units 7-12

ASL 3: Signing Naturally, level 2, units 13-17

ASL 4: Signing Naturally, level 3: units 18, 19, Birds of a Feather, For a Decent

ASL 5: Signing Naturally, level 3: units 20-24

What is the format of the test?

The screening for each level takes about 20 minutes, so students should schedule the
appropriate amount of time. The exam will require the student to (a) watch a video
of a Deaf person signing a series of questions in ASL and (b) respond in ASL with
appropriate answers. Each question is signed twice. An evaluator will observe the
responses and rate the student on comprehension, sign production, and non-manual grammatical
aspects of ASL. The examiner will be looking for answers in complete and grammatically
correct ASL responses (more than “yes” or “no”). Some of the items require creative
answers – for example, if the signer asks “What is the price of tea in China?” and
the student does not know, a creative response could be “Tea in China costs 700 yen
per pound.”

What is “passing?”

Students in the Deaf Studies major must earn a grade of “B-” or better to complete
the requirements for each ASL class. Because Towson University uses the “plus/minus”
grading system, a grade of “B-” is 80%.

Students may schedule a short appointment with the DFST Program Director to determine
if ASL skill level appears to be appropriate to schedule a screening, and to obtain
the required signature to register for the screening.


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