Apple To Finally Launch Multicultural Emojis

Congratulations, Apple users, diversification is finally coming to your emoji selection! The next Apple update will be bringing new skin tones to your emojis, finally allowing Apple users to find the perfect smiles and heart faces that they can identify with.


Emojis have become a way of life for mobile users, who often find that a picture is worth at least 140 characters.

While emojis of smiling cats and aliens are abundant, many have noticed that Apple’s emojis have been lacking in the multicultural department.

Emoji collections have been predominately white, and many users have voiced their disapproval. In fact, a petition collected thousands of signatures in an effort to bring diversity to the cartoon collection of texting characters. Miley Cyrus even tweeted about the emojis, helping to spread awareness and to make the issue go viral.

Well, someone upstairs was listening, because Apple users will soon be getting diverse emojis added to their collection.

Apple’s next update will be offering emojis with six different skin tones. New emojis will let you pick a hand, face, or even a princess or construction worker emoji, and then let you select a skin tone color. Just hold down the emoji to see your options.


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The new skin tones and flags are just some of the 300 new emojis set to be released later this year. Apple will also be releasing 32 more flags, allowing you to virtually celebrate your heritage, no matter where you’re from. They’ll also be adding – you guessed it – an Apple Watch.

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Congratulations to the new emojis who will be joining our cast of merry characters. Now we just need ginger emojis and emojis with more varieties of hair color. Who knows, maybe next year?

What do you think of the new emojis? What emojis would you like to see added?

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